September 2, 2014

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paulguzman-imageHello folks my name is Paul Guzman and I’ve been online since about 2002.

What is this blog about? It’s about helping you promote, market and profit with your own blog – simple, straight forward and no false promises.

News for the Average Blogger

Have you ever wondered why your blog is not getting the attention it deserves?  What type of content would keep your potential clients or visitors enthralled with your content?

“It is a fact that 95% of online business blogs fail”

We keep away from the bull that seems to infiltrate the entire Internet Blogging world.  There is so much to find out and we strive to keep you informed of the latest happenings in the IM world.

We are the layman’s version of the intellectual online marketer. The average Joe, the mom and pop online business etc…

Humor is a big part of my life and I do my best to add some of it here on this blog.  I make fun of myself and in turn expect others to do the same. I also write like I talk maybe not always grammatically correct but 100% straight from the heart.

I love simplicity…the simpler the better.  The online world is already complicated enough and we strive to make things easy, simple and to the point.

What is Blogging?

Find out how blogging works without the bull that most marketers feed you.  Blogging changes on a daily basis and can be hard for the average online person to keep up the latest trends, happenings, and mis-information that we read and hear about on other online blogs today.

Blogging should always be about who reads your blog.  Are you going to just give them the some old shit or something that your visitors are going to love and start telling everyone why they love it?

This blog will have informative and sensible marketing techniques that are used by myself and other successful online business professionals.  I keep away from hype, tricks or false advertising.

I will not try to make you a millionaire in a couple of days, months or years.  I do not have a new ninja program that will skyrocket your visitors overnight nor will I tell you where to find a “Cash Cow”.  Telling you to squeeze, crush or annihilate your competitor is pure hype.  Hype does work and is a good marketing strategy that many IM guru’s suggest doing but many have taken it to a level that is becoming obscene.

I want to help you solve problems that are associated with starting an online business whether it is a blog, website or marketing in any way shape or form.

Advertising online today

Advertising online is a big market but it seems to have succumb to some pretty shady tactics.  Pop ups, opt-ins and offers that have no relevance to what I am looking for.  They seem to  creep into my monitor no matter how many filters I have on.

Free advertising works if you know how and what to do.  But for millions of newbie bloggers it can become time consuming and a big waste of time.  One way to get free exposure is to start your very own blog.  Starting a Blog for Newbies.

Paying to get your services or products seen by millions is a viable way to profit online.  Google adwords advertising medium is a great way to place your advertisement where people will see them.  Want to know more? Just visit the following page for further information: Advertising with Google Adwords

Social Media – How does it work?

Yea, I hear you.  Social media is a great place to converse with your friends, family and other business partners but how does it work for you?  It is frustrating trying to figure out how this new social marketing will help my online or offline business.

More informative marketing stuff coming very soon.  Got questions? Fill out the form below.   I might have the answer?

Blogging News for the Average Marketer - Simple straightforward and much more to come.








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