Is SEO overrated for traffic


Is SEO an overrated traffic solution?  Well in a nutshell it is and I'll tell you why and give you a perfect example of why it is. The largest search engine company in the world is of course Google and just about every webmaster, site owner and corporate website business teams would love to … Continue reading

How to build a website free


Is it possible to build a website totally free? The answer to that is no - After all you do need a computer, Internet connection and if time is money - you will spend  time trying to "Build a Website free"! There are hundreds of free sites that help you build one without pulling out your … Continue reading

10 Awesome Blog Commenting Tips


Commenting on other people's blogs is an excellent opportunity to get exposure and a link to your own blog.  There is a growing debate as whether blog commenting is beneficial or not.  I hope these top 10 awesome blogging commenting tips will help your marketing or blogging efforts, if not let … Continue reading

Traffic Exchanges that Work

People who use traffic exchanges are on the other side of the Internet Marketing world.  It is a whole different world where folks actually get traffic, leads and sales by doing what many online marketers think is a waste of time. I recently had a chance to interview (via skype) Tony Tezak … Continue reading