November 28, 2014

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SEO an overrated traffic solution

Is SEO an overrated traffic solution?  Well in a nutshell it is and I’ll tell you why and give you a perfect example of why it is. The largest search engine company in the world is of course Google and just about every webmaster, site owner and corporate website business teams would love to have […]

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Review of the best SEO wordpress plugins

  Review of the best SEO wordpress plugins First what is a plugin?  It is a program that you download via repository.  These programs help you extend the functionality of your blog website.  Anything from contact forms to e-commerce stores.  Most are free to use but many have pro or upgrade options that will cost […]


The nofollow tag how and when should it be used properly

Does Google want a nofollow tag?  And if so how do we use it. Google does not care one way or the other if you use them or not.  But, your site could be considered spam (by google) if all your advertising, affiliate, and comment links  do not have this attribute. The main reason we […]


How to get free web hosting without ads

What is Web Hosting? Well it is a place or home where you have access to all your files such as images, programs, and other files that you need to make your site viewable on the world wide web.  These files are what help organizations and businesses present their website to potential customers and visitors. The […]

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Content that helps YOU make money

Is writing good content all you really need to become a success online?  There is more to it than that, but it is a start.  Most Internet Marketing Professional Bloggers that become successful have a big team of other professionals writing content for them. Writing content that helps you make  money is what all bloggers […]


How to properly use Google + for business and marketing

Google+, which is the social media and networking onslaught of search engine giant Google, is making steady inroads as an alternative to Facebook and Twitter. How many Google+ Users? The property establishment, which was launched in June of 2011 on a limited release basis, has an estimated 100 million-plus monthly average users, which places it […]

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Do SEO yourself and get ranked without spending money

Are SEO services really worth the steep price?   After all many charge a hefty fee for simple site submission and keyword optimization plan or consultation. How to do SEO yourself and save noney. In my opinion the majority of SEO firms will NOT give you the rankings you are looking for. Many SEO firms are […]


Starting Off Right in Affiliate Marketing

With literally billions of dollars available in the field of affiliate marketing, it should come as no surprise that it’s the next big thing for the burgeoning online entrepreneur, primarily because of the very low financial barriers to entry, and the potential for huge – and largely passive – profit. The sky is literally the […]

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The reality of work at home jobs

There are thousands of ways to work or make a living online.  Unfortunately many of these jobs offer very little value when it come to actually earning an income while staying at home.  The reality of work at home jobs is a scary thing if you do not have the right information.  Scams and ripoff […]


Is Guest Posting Dead what Google Thinks

  According to Matt Cutts “Guest Posting” it is on the verge of getting the ax.  Add another marketing technique that Google thinks is on the verge of death…or on the way to the emergency ward with no chance of survival.  Is guest posting Dead? No it is not, lets continue with the gist of […]


How to build a website free

Is it possible to build a website totally free? The answer to that is no – After all you do need a computer, Internet connection and if time is money – you will spend  time trying to “Build a Website free“! There are hundreds of free sites that help you build one without pulling out […]


A beginners guide to affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing? Millions have been asking the same question.  Not only are they asking what it is but they are wondering “Can I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing”? According to wikipedia it is:  Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor […]


How to increase your blog traffic dramatically

I am about to show you how to increase your blog traffic dramatically.  Are you tired of not getting the traffic your blog deserves?  Here are some awesome time saving traffic generating tips that are easy to implement. It’s not always about getting tons of backlinks, Blog commenting, SEO, PPC, organic traffic or posting your […]


Does Google want white hat SEO

Was Abe Lincoln honest?  Google wants and welcomes white hat SEO.  Your algorithmic paranoia will vanish.  You will embrace each and every change because you know you are doing the right thing. This does not mean you cannot do black hat techniques, it is after all your site not Google’s. There are millions who still […]


10 Awesome Blog Commenting Tips

Commenting on other people’s blogs is an excellent opportunity to get exposure and a link to your own blog.  There is a growing debate as whether blog commenting is beneficial or not.  I hope these top 10 awesome blogging commenting tips will help your marketing or blogging efforts, if not let me know in the […]


Traffic Exchanges that Work

People who use traffic exchanges are on the other side of the Internet Marketing world.  It is a whole different world where folks actually get traffic, leads and sales by doing what many online marketers think is a waste of time. I recently had a chance to interview (via skype) Tony Tezak owner of Tezak […]


Free Websites with Siterubix

Where can someone find a place to start and learn how to blog? There are hundreds of online places to start a free website.  The problem is will they give you the necessary tools and support to make it worthwhile? Learn how to start a blog with siterubix free – Not only can you get free […]