October 5, 2015

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Building Backlinks

Getting backlinks is essential for any online business large or small.  But, sometimes it takes forever to find the right link building services to help with your SEO or website page rank. Building Backlinks for SEO Nowdays it much harder to get the right kind of backlinks.  So how does a small online website business find […]

Working from home job

The real secret to promoting your blog

Anyone who has been blogging for some time knows the value of creating the best content they can muster up.  So without further ado – the real secret to promoting your blog. The problem many bloggers are having is “how do we promote it”.  How can you get traffic and start seeing sales, optins, or folks who would […]

Simple websites

Quick and easy simple website design tips

Did you know people are looking for your product and or service. Sometimes they will spend countless online hours researching, reading, surfing  and looking for something that you might have to offer. Problem is once they land on a website it will usually fail to give them the answer(s). It’s crazy what you will find and […]


Get first page rankings with these SEO tips

One of the biggest problems that face blog owners is trying to get traffic to their websites. Achieving that first page rankings is a challenge for all website owners big or small. And we all want to consistently stay there year after year.  1st page rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo.  The reasons why are […]

How to start a blog for seniors » Helping Bloggers Succeed

How to start a blog for seniors – Are you over 50? Learn how to start your very own blog without all the hype…Free! Source: How to start a blog for seniors » Helping Bloggers Succeed


How to do SEO for WordPress Websites

WordPress websites are a challenge when it comes to SEO. Many new start-up businesses use WordPress for it’s quick ease of non-technical content publishing. There are no big programs to learn, find a good-looking template and wham, you’ve got a website. Is it really possible to start publishing content and people will start reading it?  […]

Help With WordPress

How to start a blog for seniors

I started my first real website back in 2002.  It’s been a long journey and I had numerous highs and lows.  My skills at developing a website were limited but I did manage to make guzmansgreenhouse.com successful. At the ripe old age of 65 I have made several blog sites for myself including helping do […]

Vanity URL

How to make a vanity URL in Facebook

How to make a vanity URL in Facebook But first what the heck is a vanity Facebook URL?  Well, it is a URL that should closely resemble your business website and or page. When you first make a business page with Facebook the URL will look ugly.  No, I am not talking about coyote ugly […]

Success Doubt

Two big reasons why your blog is not successful

Two big reasons why your blog is not successful. It’s no secret all bloggers want to become successful but it’s not as hard as many say it is. There are two fundamental reasons that explain why your blog will not become successful. It’s actually quite simple. Let’s dig in and find out what these two reasons are. […]


10 reasons why you are not blogging

Niche Blogging is great for those who want to express themselves online.  It’s also an ideal way to make some money with your content.  How much depends  on your niche and how much effort you put into it. The two biggest problem most beginner bloggers have is where and how do I continually come up with great […]